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Focus: Zoriah Miller

April 30, 2011 Leave a comment

“You see photography and photojournalism are about the subject matter, and THAT is what you should focus on. “

The pictures below are taken by a relative cheaper camera model, the photographer did enclose which model it was, as it was not important.

Above, the child sits in on the dirty floor in Uganda.

Taken at  Kampala’s worst and poorest neighbourhood. These men are salvaging metal for work.

A reflection of a contemplating child in the rain puddle in a rural part of Uganda.

The above was photographed in a a moving car, hence the grainer quality.

A brick maker in a rural area.

In Kampala’s most notorious ghetto, children who are addicted to inhaling glue through plastic bottles. (above).

The above image is of a woman taking her child down the street. This image was also taken in a moving car.

A brief history of Zoriah Miller.

He was born on January 27, 1976 and is an American Photojournalist. He has worked for international aid organisation, such as the Red Cross, before he had returned to photography.

His career as a photographer started at ta young age, but it trully did not kick off until late 2005, when he had taken a photograph which has been published in Newsweek, for the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsumani.

His documenting work at Gaza had named him Photojournalist Of The Year by the Morepraxis Organization in 2006. But most recently, he has won the PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award for his work on famine in Africa in January 2010.

Miller specialises in humaniratian issues in third world countries.

The  documentary link shows  Zoriah Miller in Gaza as he is working in such a dangerous zone.