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Photo Essay: ‘Morphine Addicts in India’ (1975)

April 30, 2011 1 comment

These series of photographs, which were taken by Pablo Bartholomew in 1975. These raw pictures show the derelict and desperate conditions in which the female subject lives in, yet, her only focus is the object in her hands.

The first image describes the woman’s condition, she is so frail.  Even at her destitute state, her only will to go on is to take in more morphine

She smiles at her dog, yet gets to the important matters. The morphine has to be prepared. 

Her joy as she finally loads it. 


Focus: Pablo Bartholomew

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Pablo Bartholomew has contributed greatly to photojournalism.

From the age of 19, he had won the first World Press Photo award for his work ‘Morphine Addicts in India’ (1975).

Even though he was quite young at the time, Bartholomew sees his as one of his greatest works, as he has a ‘fresh look’ and ‘less controlled‘ view of the world around him.

Since 1983, he has his works published in major news publications, such as Time, Newsweek, Paris Match and the Guardian.

Pablo Bartholomew had trained as a still photographer, in the cinema world, even in Bollywood. Bartholomew worked in those industries from the age of 15, as he was kicked out of school. So, Following what he had learnt from his father, he took his new found skills and improved them at the job.

” There was a kind of mystery in seeing the images that been taken a few days before, of landscapes or of the family forming on paper as if by magic, i suppose the magic of photography was embedded from there”. 

To this day, Pablo Bartholomew works as a photojournalist as well as working on his photography databases at netphotograph. He divides all of this with the added stress of commercial commisions.

“I followed all the big Indian stories but, much to my agency’s horror and anger, i’d take off for three or four months to go to very remote area”.  I guess this is why he has captured what others haven’t set foot into.

Here, is a brief look into the world of Bartholomew.

Pablo Bartholomew interview